We have partnered with LEZGRO, a company that specializes in web and mobile application development and is very adept in delivering Phalcon powered applications to their clientele.

MCTekK has already delivered various high end Phalcon projects, with their main strengths being web and mobile development.


MCTekK jumped on the Phalcon wagon since day one. From its conception we saw the great advantages that Phalcon was offering and could offer in the future.

We have ample experience with Phalcon and have developed a myriad of project with it as the core. We are here to advise you on anything you need concerning Phalcon to help you improve your readiness, quickness and quality.

Contact us through our website, where you can take a look at the projects we have been involved in.


LEZGRO congratulates you with the your choice of making Phalcon central in your technology stack!

Since our company first saw the light of the day in 2003, we have tried various technologies and approaches in software development.

Product managers, CTOs, and non-technical founders involve LEZGRO to build products that stand out, quickly and with a high quality.

Now that we have acquired positive experience with Phalcon, we are open to advise you on making the decision to develop on Phalcon, and help you bring your Phalcon-based product to market.

Contact LEZGRO through our website, where you can also see samples and testimonials of our work.